*dons reading daggers*

The way Andrew glitched it up this time left blank gaps in some of the letters, so you couldn’t get a pixel-perfect deobfuscation, but I’m pretty sure I have everything that was there now, more or less!

Text version, so you can paste it places and horrify your friends:


While their romance is endlessly captiv8ting, leprechaun
reproduction may 8e the most interesting su8ject of all.
Particularly from a perspective of detailed anatomical study,
which I will get to shortly. 8ut first it 8ears pointing out
that while for humans reproductive relationships are exclusively
heterosexual, and for trolls they are 8isexual, for leprechauns
they are exclusively homosexual. Yes, you heard right. That
means the Felt are all super gay. A graphic description of their
reproductive process is as follows.

…… weird frog peni…… muppet 8uttock …… chafing … wriggling … puppet pelvis …… magic gnome phallus …… elf eggs …… 8urrowed fuck deep …… perky pro8oscis …… coarse kermit cock … dragged across each other’s gleeful faces …… wrist deep in puppet ass …… pro8oscalypse …… soft 8ul8ous 8ottom …… kind of jutting out and impudent ……


Sleep well! >;]

(more glitch deobfuscation posts)

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