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— Where’s the pillow??? —

Anonymous asked:

Notice that Rose’s pillow is missing in the latest update p=008259. Could Gamzee have stolen it while the glitches conveniently obscured the crime? Kind of like how Kurloz stole Vriska’s coat. But what use would Gamzee have for a velvet pillow?

Hm, you’re right! I mean, it’s always a possibility that Andrew forgot to put it in because it was part of Rose’s image-sprite last time we zoomed in from that perspective, but Rose certainly didn’t look about to captchalogue the pillow. So if it’s intentionally missing, well:


Now you see it, behind all that suspiciously Gamzee-colored glitchy stuff, golden trim and everything - 


- and now you clearly don’t.

So, it’s indeed a possibility that Gamzee took it, even giving Rose those glasses in exchange right beforehand (hence Terezi’s glaring in his direction). And those of us paying attention will suddenly wonder where the fuck it went, while Andrew laughs his ass off. (Or maybe the characters didn’t even see who took it past the glitching, adding to the intentionally frivolous mystery!)

As for why Gamzee would take the pillow?


The coat clearly has a purpose (the extent of which is debatably tremendous), but the pillow-theft seems more for shits and giggles. Gamzee’s got a history of having sticky fingers, after all!

I’m sure he’ll do something with it, but the real purpose or joke then would be the reveal that he took the pillow in the first place.

legendarybuffoon replied to your post:

In the same vein as “shits and giggles” I’d like to submit this: p=005638

Yes, exactly.

miraclemodi replied to your post:

Friendly reminder that the velvet pillow was first shown 4 years ago today

farewell, dear, sweet, soft, precious stolen pillow

see you soon ;’(

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