*dons reading daggers*

Okay so before we were making theories about that Black Hole between the Act curtains, like if it had to do with the Green Sun’s collapse we’re pretty sure is coming anyway

And now John’s on a page where the hyperlinks to go back a page, or go back to the beginning of Homestuck, are fucking missing, and people are hypothesizing that Cans knocked John out of the comic, meaning we could get Problem Sleuth or Bard Quest or SBaHJ retcons, or that because the “Go Back” and “Start Over” links are missing:

(11:58) techloveArtist: I am afraid he might edit the very first page

We could have an edit to the very first page of Homestuck, or the first page of mspaintadventures (Jailbreak), and that’s why there’s no way to go back / start over

(EDIT: It turns out that any page after a flash redirect, like the page before this, lacks those go back / start over buttons, so that part likely doesn’t mean anything.)


Someone pointed out a while ago that while the first set of text that game after Myststuck, in the distance, was “END OF YEAR 3” and looks like that from a distance, the second set of text in the distance looks different. In fact, it looks like there might be a '1' after it, and even a different word than 'YEAR'.

(It’s most likely just a graphical glitch from shrinking it that much, but……)

So we have the point of no return, the end of something, a black hole afterwards before the next act, all coming in two days (on 4/13)…

and then it hit me, it’s unlikely, but

what if it says

9/25/06 - 4/13/13

And then the Black Hole before the next Act is just a portal to a BRAND NEW URL, a NEW WEBSITE to start Act 6 Act 6???!!

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