*dons reading daggers*
where do you think johns going to show up?

It looked quite similar to an in-dream death, just blurrier. But there were some subtle differences, so we can’t tell for sure.

I’m leaning toward him waking up normally, except in a much more precarious situation than when he fell asleep. (Moved or otherwise.) He’s like shark-bait for Condy, snoozing in the ship, after all. Where Meenah missed, who’s to say the Condesce won’t immediately strike her mark?

  1. haunterlaughingalonewithpizza said: What if he’s been retconned into a random panel and Hussie wants us to find him?
  2. luniasm said: I’m anticipating John waking up callback style with consorts running around with all his stuff. That’s what happened the last time Davesprite flew off and left a sleeping kid behind.
  3. trolljuju said: Well, even if he did just wake up, his arm was sill in the juju when it happened. What if he wakes up without it? He could start looking like poppop
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