*dons reading daggers*


We already knew the Life/Void rings, like how the void one made you invisible, were played like a Tolkien reference (“mY PRECIOUS,”) and might potentially be an evil trap that needs to be destroyed in the Forge like in the Lord of the Rings, and stood a good chance of being the same ring, but

I was having a conversation with colwag and (emphasis mine):

  • blastyoboots: (oh that’s assuming the rings are the same which they might not be)
  • colwag: I’m not exactly convinced that it’s one ring yet, if only because the imagry clearly shows two so far
  • blastyoboots: AHAHA
  • blastyoboots: OH MY GOD
  • blastyoboots: WOW
  • blastyoboots: ANDREW YOU CLEVER FUCK
  • blastyoboots: look at it!
  • blastyoboots: LOOK WHAT YOU JUST SAID

It’s not two rings!!! Aranea’s story about the Ring of Life and the Ring of Void, it’s NOT TWO RINGS


"ONE RING"!!!  Like THE One Ring!!


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  3. d-alpha said: It’s also similar to the trolls session. Remember when the trolls thought there were 2 sessions but it was really one session all along.
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  10. notbelievable said: Wasn’t that obvious? B.T.W. I think that the rings will flip when Calliope/Calliborn wake up/go to sleep. Just some food for thought.
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    how in the fuck is this a pun where is the wordplay
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    Yes, but crazy fellows tend to be the most entertaining.
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