*dons reading daggers*


and it’s not just that she wants rose flushed, either. rose at her most (self-)destructive is similar to vriska, and kanaya doesn’t want to get roped into dealing with that again and being similarly disappointed.

This reblog of my why-kanaya-isnt-helping-rose post made me realize something completely unrelated and really stupid, looking at “(self-)destructive” with regards to Rose.

Around Rose, the words “passive-aggressive" repeatedly come up.

Passive <-> Aggressive

That is all.  :p

(Yeah I know he explicitly hadn’t made “active/passive classes” that early, probably hadn’t come up with the fact that ‘passive’ was the word for that half of the Seer/Witch dichotomy back then, though I’m sure he’d planned for the dichotomy itself as early as Jade Harley started prognosticating.)

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