*dons reading daggers*
Hussie said on Twitter "god tier shoe color assignments are as close to random as anything in the comic." I'm not sure how to interpret this.

Ah, so that would seem to debunk shoe color theo-


@inuneechan1 god tier shoe color assignments are as close to random as anything in the comic.

"As random" as anything in Homestuck!? That devious motherfucker, that could mean either way!  D:


(I mean I figured there’s still something there, because otherwise why are Aranea’s the same as Rose’s but Vriska’s different, or Jane’s soles the same as Feferi’s but Jake’s conspicuously different from Eridan’s, Tavros’s the same as John’s, etc… but is he stealthily stating his ability to plan or just disconfirming it as whim-based…???!?)

You’re right, I’m not sure how to interpret this either?! IS IT OR ISN’T IT GIVE US A STRAIGHT ANSWER ANDREW D:

(He wouldn’t unless he edits the ministrife so it all lines up, which he might not do until we get a canon class layout)

(Man I’m glad that my class chart miraculously stands without the shoes nowadays)


I am never going to get away from having to do shoe posts, am I.  :C


I thought Andrew’s post was semi-confirmation of the shoe theory??? “as close to random as anything in the comic” i took to mean as “the shoe color assignments hold the same amount of significance as is normal for things in Homestuck” - that is, a lot.

Yes, that’s what I’m getting at the other interpretation was, but it’s hard has fuck to tell which way he meant it, probably by design

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  2. legendarybuffoon said: is anyone seriously taking anything hussie says seriously. are we really doing this here
  3. zenosanalytic said: I think he’s trolling here. Never forget; Hussie is a troll, and to be as good at it as he was in the forums he’s likely been doing it for a decade plus. Sometimes he can’t help it even when he knows better; see That Trickster Update.
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