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Hmm... Its interesting that the one void player we've seen allowed to god tier in Alpha timeline, turns out to be the class who's god tier comes with a Mask. Void Symbolism? Happy Coincidence? A reward for Roxy not wearing shades and yet still needs something to symbolically cover her eyes to fulfill the void motif?

By stealing not for themselves, but to give to others, a Rogue represents a benevolent role meant to leave its mark without enriching the status of its user. Thus, the symbolism of the mask: A rogue steals into a situation, leaves his or her mark, and steals out, all without attaining a position or her true name going down in history, though notoriety may indeed stick to them regardless of their will.

The mask says, “it’s not about me”. Much how Mom Lalonde lived her life for her daughter, despite her loneliness. Contrast to attention-aggregating Thieves intent to steal and keep the show.

This is compounded by Roxy’s particular role, a Rogue of Void. As Void entails literal unimportance, a lack of attention and visibility, her role is amplified benevolence, in a way… with an amplified danger of marginalization.

So yeah, I agree that it probably isn’t coincidence!  The out-of-the-spotlight-ness of a Rogue has some serious synergy with Void.

  1. harlequinbabe said: I don’t think that answered anything though. The question from what I can tell is do you think the reason a ROGUE of VOID went godtier of all Void players.
  2. allistormiguelrichards said: In other words, Roxy is the Alpha Session’s V
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