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So which theories are you 95%+ certain on? :O Personally, I'm rather certain of your Green-Sun Destruction theory and your Classpect posts, as well as the Dave is going to die thing (as much as I hope it doesn't happen D: ). I've been about 50% sold on the Weekend at Bernie's thing and I think Jane's inversion held some water for a while but is slowly becoming more unlikely.

Alright, let me try a nice list for you, as of today, February 10th, 2013…

NOTE: I am NOT ENDORSING EVERY DETAIL of each theory I link, here. I am only assigning my belief in the specific major, key events from those theories that I discuss in the list below.

(Using my major theory list for reference…)

  • I’m 80% certain of my class layout. There are a few standouts - the Mage, Heir, Maid, Page, or one of our verb definitions (Exploit or Change) - which aren’t absolutely confirmed and could be swapped or altered. The rest of the list is relatively known, and I’d stake more on it; I’d say there’s a 20%, a 1 in 5, chance that something in the chart is wrong. However, I have not had a more convincing argument for any specific alternative class layout, yet, and inversions seem to have followed it so far. So I operate as if it’s a given, which has been really surprisingly accurate so far.
  • I’m 99% certain of my aspect duality pairs: that Hope is paired with Rage, Light with Void, Mind with Heart, et cetera. I am not certain at all of my neighbors wheel - which aspects are ‘adjacent’ to each other, like Heart to Hope and Rage to Mind - because, really, it was just an educated guess; it could be almost anything, maybe not even a circle, and we haven’t dug around the story enough for textual evidence as clear as Heart and Hope was.
  • I am 99% certain that Role Inversion can occur between one’s aspect and class at the same time, with Witch<->Seer as a class pair that inverts to each other. And I’m certain that this happened with Rose Lalonde and Jade Harley. I am 75% certain that I’m right about why certain classes invert to each other, and thus, which classes invert to which: which is only as correct as my class chart, if so. I guessed at a pattern, but that’s it; there’s circumstantial evidence that certain inversions like Tavros’s and Aradia’s have miraculously followed it, but they could be to completely different classes, jumping across the chart for a different reason; who knows? I still operate under this when extrapolating, because I haven’t heard any alternatives that fit the data well enough, despite how much time has passed and our inversion examples.
  • I am 95% certain that Jane Crocker will invert and inherit Her Condescension’s immortality curse. There is no alternative explanation that fits the preponderance of foreshadowing, in my view; it all has to lead something. Yes, lately, it may SEEM that it’s becoming more unlikely, and no, I’m not exactly sure how it will happen with John and Jade already in the picture… but, the Damara story highlighted the catch at hand! Damara’s attitude due to her plight was not enough to drive her off a cliff… only when Meenah, paralleled by the Condesce, antagonized her on top of it all did she truly go insane! (A Thief of Life to steal the aspect affection of a Maid of Life!) The Condesce hasn’t intervened in Jane’s descent, yet… so her inversion is yet to come, and I’m personally sure it will. (I can’t guarantee that the opposite of a Maid is a Bard, though I quite suspect it; that falls under the class chart stuff above, independent of my sure opinion that she’ll invert.) Otherwise, the foreshadowing has to all lead to something else… and what else could it be, when Trickster Mode doesn’t quite fit the rest of the Damara parallel and other evidence, even as a subversion?
  • I am 99% certain that there will be a third scratch - a scratch of Caliborn’s session - and that Dave will be involved. Yes, I’m that sure. I’m not sure that it’s when Dave’s death would come, or if said death would permanently stick, though I think there’s an abundance of evidence that would lead us to sadly suspect it probable. He might have the foreshadowing stolen from him, as I’ve covered in there.
  • I am 95% certain that Lord English will gank some visage of Jake English, even if it’s just using an inert spare corpse of his as a host.
  • I am 95% certain that Vriska will use the AURYN, and that she will try to steal the Green Sun’s light, making it collapse and trap her in the resulting Black Hole’s pull, causing a breach in Paradox Space that threatens to destroy everything.
  • I am 99% certain that some branch off of Lil Hal will be Doc Scratch.
  • I am not certain of the Mituna method; it depends on whether Andrew wants all the trolls to go god tier, and even though I consider that likely, there might be other ways I don’t know about to bring them to ascension.
  • I am not certain about the part of the Gamzee Ectobiology Theory that has Gamzee deciding the components of Calliope and Caliborn - though I’m 90% sure that he raised them - and I’m definitely not sure about the ectobiological components of the cherubs.
  • I am not certain that Lord English has a plethora of horcruxes; he may have one-each limits or what have you, such as if Caliborn just transferred his eyes, or… something. I mention it in one of the edits in there.
  • Finally, I am 80% certain that, in the most general terms, my answer to the Ultimate Riddle is at least somewhat close to the right answer.

When I say “not certain”, I mean anywhere from nothing to 69%; often close to a coin flip, but not enough to commit to it or place any bets. I also might be thinking “there’s something here, this foreshadowing means something… but I don’t know what?”

I won’t put a percentage on the chance of John’s mullet. I’ll just track down Andrew IRL and give him a look of stern, fatherly disapproval if it doesn’t happen.

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