*dons reading daggers*
why will john have a mullet...?

He’ll have a mullet because it’ll look more amazing than everything ever, channelling pure Cameron Poe through his form like a nexus of manliness and heroism.  Sweating irresistible rugged charm and (a little) newfound maturity, his raw pulchritude will lead everyone to victory.

AG: 8ut who cares! Let’s not get sidetracked 8y films a8out wounded, muscular renegades. 
AG: 8y the way, John, have you ever considered growing your hair out? 

whereismywizardhat replied to your post:
And because he hasn’t had a haircut in three years

He’d have to have grown it over the last year, after he saw Vriska.

you should link anyone asking about the mullet to [S] John: Reunite with your loving wife and daughter.

Yep!  Also the ctrl-T Trickster Mode thing in Alterniabound.

Note:  I can’t guarantee that he’ll have a mullet, but if he doesn’t, I will be severely disappointed.  In fact, if he doesn’t, you should petition Andrew Hussie to change it.

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