*dons reading daggers*


SO we see that Caliborn has used Cal to turn Jack Noir into Lord English

Which leads me to theorize that Calliope did the same thing.

Remember that we have another version of Calliope somewhere, one that succeeded where OUR Calliope failed. This Calliope could very have done the same thing…

Sorry, but that’s… basically wrong and generally implausible.  :(

First of all, Calliope would have to be evil to subsume anyone’s will and being like Lord English does with his hosts, much less Snowman, who dedicated her service to some provably evil acts while in LE’s service.  Robbing an evil individual like Snowman of her true destructive will isn’t quite the act of a passive Muse, depending on how you look at it.

Lord English intentionally tied her with the lifespan of the universe. Snowman’s deleterious motivations were rather clear the entire time. Andrew even said that she let herself get killed by Jack, because her dying would accomplish Derse’s general role of “opposition to creation” by destroying an entire universe. There’s basically no chance Calliope was involved with her!

I mean, if she was, Lord English would know about it, and be able to trace it back to her.  That would be unacceptable.  Snowman acted exactly as both she and Lord English desired, with not a shred of good evident in it.


That doesn’t necessarily keep Calliope, or someone else, from making use of the B2 Black Queen… the one who possibly managed to get exiled alive when )(er Condescension usurped Derse’s throne.

She’d be unlikely to do something that actively facilitated Creation, directly. However, the Condesce isn’t playing by the rules, seemingly facilitating a universe herself, clearing way for the session merger. I figured she’d eventually make some sort of vengeful move to help take her down… so perhaps alt!Calliope could motivate or facilitate her behind the scenes?

If she does, however, on my spec end of things, I can guarantee you that we won’t be able to confirm that it was her handiwork for quite some time.  The supposedly-doomed (but not) Calliope will probably be a silent and unconfirmed influence on background events - like the all-important frog sent to Jade, for example - until it’s climactically revealed exactly why she isn’t actually doomed!  :)

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