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"One Of Each" and the breach Kanaya heals


If some of this doesn’t make sense to you, it’s because this is mainly directed at Bladekindeyewear.

I recently had this thought that at the endgame, we may have a full lineup of aspects in play. It’s also entirely likely that there will be no doubles, at least on the aspect front.


If Vriska destroying the Green Sun creates a singularity, thus ripping a hole in space, then I think that Kanaya might have a hand in fixing it. There a few reasons for this. You list Kanaya<>Vriska as one of your endgame pairings. If that is the case, Kanaya would probably feel it is her responsibility to fix a mess her Morail created. The second reason is because we’ve already seen a hole in space.


Or at least a hole in a space player. A hole that she patches up.


The possibility is then, that Kanaya may very well have to sacrifice herself to repair the hole. After all, she is the fashion savvy troll who sews her own out fits. I’m sure she could sew up a hole in space.

There’s also a second possibility. If it’s not a whole caused by a green sun that she has to repair, then maybe it’s a whole that leads to a new reality. […]

I really don’t see a reason warranted for a guaranteed “ONE AND ONLY ONE OF EACH ASPECT” surviving or escaping in the end, especially since there’s little reason Sollux could survive unless Erisolsprite does a big “fuck you” to his Eridan half and dies on a Mituna-sent Doom Quest Crypt, if that even works in the first place. So I’d hold off calculation on that whole scenario, especially just cruelly using aspect tallies to decide who’s left behind, even though there was always a chance I noted that Kanaya would have to stay behind to fix things.

However, you made a SWEET FUCKING CATCH with the hole in Kanaya! I knew there were strong hints that she’d be the one to repair the breach leading to a new reality that was wrought by the Sun’s destruction, but I never realized that a (Green) hole had already been punched in ‘Space’ and patched over by her handiwork! Much less the act being similar to moirallegiance, repairing the damage Vriska’s done. (I need to edit in references to that where applicable I suppose; will link this here and here.)

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