*dons reading daggers*
Could this be what sends Jane spiraling into inversion? The trauma of what just happened, plus the fact that she is now at the center of Prospit, aka the place where Jake's dream-corpse is...

I don’t know.

We’d have to see a leadup, more things happen…  Inversion’s a moral and psychological thing, a thematic thing.  Showing it happen at a snap cheapens it; it’s a whole lot more than just some flashy powers.

Jane is broken right now, very broken… but she’s cheaply broken.  Before, in her careful emotional pre-lollipop spiral, she was deeply broken.  If she starts showing inversion symptoms at all, it’d only be tacit and shallow until she gets a true emotional justification to start turning her personality inside-out; it has to be deep, in terms of the portrayal of her character.

You’re going to have to see some serious reasons again.

(It was always a bit possible that she’d start to invert, sort of like Rose’s gradual descent, showing some visible symptoms and manifestations of power, but her true inversion and turn to malice comes with serious triggers like in the link?  Ones with serious emotional ramifications, not a cheap timeskip to drug withdrawal.)

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