*dons reading daggers*
Do you struggle when playing TF2, considering your distaste for hats?

Hats are dandy in TF2.

If Homestuck starts adding TF2 hats I will probably start breaking things.

  1. derelictjet said: Well, we already have all the hat swapping in the MC, and Roxy just had a pumpkin thumped on her head, which would be the mother of all hats. Or it might just decapitate her when the pumpkin inevitably ceases to exit
  2. friendlyneighborhoodspidertits said: What if the Homestuck game has a TF2 Hat promo?
  3. boneheadsketchworks said: what… what if TF2 starts adding homestuck hats
  4. itsbenedict said: but what if TF2 starts adding homestuck hats
  5. bladekindeyewear posted this
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