*dons reading daggers*
wait a minute why exactly do you hate hats

Check my hats tag, essentially.

What happened was these pages came along.  And some people said, “hey, look, they said ‘invert’!  they’re talking about inversion, your role inversion theory!”  And I said “Andrew’s planned role inversion from REALLY early on, early in Jade’s arc even, there’s no way to guarantee he’d use the word ‘inversion’ to describe the mechanic.  Also come on, hats?  Really, HATS?  That’s stupid.”

And then people submitted asks about a few more things about hats, and (either they said, or I simply remembered) that the walkaround explicitly spelled out that Stitch’s effigies relate to what hats they wear.  And I was like…  ”I still think the idea that hats are important is stupid, but I GUESS I have to make a post modeling the things it could mean just in case, even though it feels stupid and a pain in the ass about silly irrelevant hats."  So I wasted time making a passive-aggressive hat theory post that nonetheless honestly summed up our useful connections on the topic, and people proceeded to present even more evidence.  Like Dirk’s hat association.  Etc.  Which did fit, and by that virtue made it so much more annoying.

So don’t say I never did anything for you guys that was out of my comfort zone.  >:T

Theorizing on all these goddamn hats.  Fuckin’ pain in the ass.

  1. terraqueous said: Hehehehehehehehehehehe
  2. sublimesubpumpkin said: There is a special place in heaven for you for theorizing about hats for us, it’s got poker and booze and stripclubs.
  3. askshenthepony said: Hats don’t go in the ass D:
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