*dons reading daggers*
Hi - I'm going to ask this again. I sent you an ask politely asking you to credit me in your Doc Scratch = Lil Hal post for the detail about Scratch being able to liken himself to an uncle. You acknowledge you didn't do that in the edit of the original ask, but you still haven't changed your theory post that is circulating like crazy. I'd really appreciate this. Thanks.

Oh shoot, I remember tagging a bunch of asks from you (or someone else) in response to an ask, in a hurry, but - no, no you’re right, this was a completely different thing wasn’t it. It must have completely slipped my mind, and now I feel like the choicest of assholes.

Perhaps I’m a Regent Asshole, if you will.

I’ll add credit as hastily as this clunky as hell mobile device will allow. Sorry about missing that. :(

EDIT: Done! Again, I apologize for my scatterbrained negligence, I didn’t mean it; please tell me if there’s any way I can make it up to you.

except please oh please don’t make me post about hats more ._.

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