*dons reading daggers*
You're overlooking the fact that "I've learned that I don't need a parter to be fulfilled" is a perfectly legit end to any romantic arc; especially arcs like Jane and Karkat's, which have been full of unproductive yearning, and have made the characters suffer because they define themselves too much by other people. Unless you're trying to argue that people really can't live up to their fullest potential without depending on a partner? In which case, fuck you.

EDIT: Okay. I really overreacted to this guy’s closing remarks.

My contact and ask volume through this blog has basically quadrupled over the span of a month, and I’m not sure how to handle it properly. I’ve kept feeling obligated to respond to too many people at once, to the point that I irresponsibly drive myself to caustic incoherence.

I’m going to hide all the emotional theatrics I wrote under the cut, but I’m going to leave it all there instead of deleting it, so I don’t get off easy for what I said. Sorry, all; I’ll keep myself under control from now on.

Cut portion:


I am not trying to prove some nasty referendum against real living people choosing to be alone, you oversensitive asshole.  I am putting my foot down, I’m not going to be told that I am triggering people by shipping in a comic at all.  That is just fucking ridiculous.

The constantly-romance-yearning-with-one-or-several-compatible-partners Jane and Karkat might choose to go the Kankri route.  I said it was possible, just in my opinion unlikely given the focus romance has had in the comic so far!  I am not fucking shaming people for not indulging in romance.  If your aggressive, cruel sensitivity had a face, I would punch it.  In the face.  You are trying to shame me for reasonably expecting story characters WHO HAVE HAD ROMANTIC ARCS being more likely to end up in some sort of relationship, you malicious sack of shit.

What you’re telling people is terrible, and you should feel bad.  If you see me going and telling ACTUAL PEOPLE they need a relationship to be fulfilled, then yeah, you have a justified bone to pick me.  Am I actually doing that???


zyymurgy asked you: 

dude you need to either stop making “trigger” jokes or learn what triggering actually is and when people are saying you are doing things that can trigger people

I’M NOT FUCKING JOKING.  When I said ‘trigger’, I was dead serious.  The kind of emotional trigger that makes you shake from your hands all the way to your back and feel like maybe you’re god damn dreaming, because someone did the equivalent of pulling out a handgun and setting it on the table in your conditioned mind.  It’s really, really horrible, and when people don’t understand why something so “innocuous” could have done it and chew you out for it, it’s…

I am more than willing to be held accountable for the mistakes I made.  I’m not going to be held accountable for the mistakes I did not make, when you all knew full well that I was and always will put forth my best effort not to trigger people, because talking nonchalantly about triggering, bigoted, stereotype-reinforcing, behavior-shaming stuff is fucking disgusting.

Because once in a while, some VERY rare asshole comes along who’s looking to read into something objectively harmless I said for a ridiculous implication that’s not there.  And they’re going to lay into me for it.  And you know what?  That ruins my day, because it’s the last thing I ever want to do to anybody.  I don’t think you guys understood when I said it was the lowest thing I felt I could possibly do, to be an unintentional and cruel embarrassment, to make people feel bad with my very existence.  My life’s goal is literally just to NOT BE THAT, no matter how small and insignificant I have to be to keep myself that way.  And if I’m lucky, maybe I can make someone else happy in the interim.

And then a few self-righteous assholes shit in my inbox thinking I’m some smug son of a bitch who doesn’t care about their feelings.

  1. legendarybuffoon said: I think it’s time to come to terms with the fact that, especially with the increased ask and reblog volume you’re getting, you really do not need to reply to these sorts of asks.
  2. serioussauce said: I think you should just stop responding to these types of asks. They’re literally from people getting butt hurt over the smallest things you say. They’re just trying to nitpick and find the small things they don’t like and bring it up to hurt you
  3. sublimesubpumpkin said: You’ve got a right to react strongly to aggressive idiocy, don’t feel bad about it.
  4. putnam3145 said: nowhere near malicious, twiggy? The ask literally said “fuck you”
  5. tigerator said: this is the post i have been waiting for, god bless
  6. aintnodevil said: oh my god you literally cannot accept any kind of criticism can you. that is why your asks are getting nastier; it’s getting more and more like trying to engage with a brick wall.
  7. twiggysbox said: nobody said anything about triggering and that ask was nowhere near malicious. i understand being sick of people getting on your case about stuff, but i think you should maybe take a breather??
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