*dons reading daggers*
Have you ever considered that perhaps not everybody has to be paired up?


Characters in this comic can obviously, technically:

  1. Die first.
  2. Die twice, if we see their afterlife version.
  3. Go off to be resigned to irrelevance (especially ghosts).
  4. Be forever alone involuntarily.  (I.E. disgusting, crazy, evil, etc, like Damara and Cronus)
  5. Be voluntarily celibate. (Kankri)
  6. Leave the story leaning explicitly towards someone they might potentially end up with, but not pair up with them explicitly onscreen.
  7. Leave the story to pair up with someone unknown in the future: someone who hasn’t been through the same life-threating struggle for the fate of reality that they have.  This happens, but doesn’t happen too often, especially not with multiple romantic suitors with ups and downs with this character amidst the hero cast.

So apart from #1, #2, and #6, these aren’t too likely to happen to characters who have romance in their character arcs, especially not main characters.  Which leaves those probabilities (3-5, 7) rather low for, oh…

Dave, Jade, Davesprite, Rose, Kanaya, Roxy, Dirk, Jake, Jane, Karkat, Terezi, Vriska, John, even Gamzee, need I really go on???  (Seriously, click that and read some of my reasoning.)

I remember getting an ask a while ago arguing that I was desperate about this sort of logic to not realize that John - the one with a romantic arc incoming with Roxy (who has much less of a chance with anyone else!!) and an existing one with Vriska - would end up celibate because he wasn’t interested in romance.  Yes, they seriously alleged this.  Do I need to go over his thinly veiled desperation to disprove this?

It’s really, really easy to put down Romspec as "WHAT, EVERYONE HAS TO BE PAIRED UP?!  PFRUHUMPHAHUMPH.  PISH PASH POSH.  *MONOCLE DROP."  But there’s some logic behind this.  If a character has romantic arcs, you can trace them.  And if you can trace romantic arcs to their climactic points, you can figure out important plot events and who’s going to die.

I think that’s worthy of this method of investigation, even regardless of the end results.  Don’t you?

(Wow that was defensive and caustic I should take a break I’m sorry.  Actually this post was sloppy, I’m probably going to waste a hundred asks qualifying the discrepancies and generalizations in hurrying to type this up at night oh my god this was a huge mistake)

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