*dons reading daggers*

Myststuck confirmed that in the “They Wait” banners in [S] Seer: Descend, the ‘they’ who wait are the post-scratch kids, the Nobles, who had to wait so long in their session for our heroes to arrive.  And a while ago, we deduced that Rose’s prophecy:

"They wait for she who would breed lilacs out of the dead land."

…is related to Jane’s dead land, the Land of Crypts and Helium.

"More signs of life hidden in the cracks. It’s as if the land wants to be lush and fertile, but nothing can survive on the surface. It’s making the whole cave smell like a flower shop."

"Another one of these colorful bouyant pods emerging from its hole. Thousands of these things roam around seeding and watering the planet. Yet nothing grows…"

Jane’s planet has plenty of nutrients, seeds, and water for life to take hold.  But it lacks Light!  And so Rose must supply it to the land, while maybe providing some therapy for its inverted caretaker.  We’d figured out that much already.  Perhaps she’d need to “play the rain”?

However, I’d forgotten that Rose’s land has a quest of its own to consider!

JASPERSPRITE: But sadly there are no fish i think. 
JASPERSPRITE: They were all eaten by the Denizen! 
ROSE: Who? 
JASPERSPRITE: It ate everything in the ocean and got so full that it took a long nap. 
JASPERSPRITE: No there is surely not a single living thing left!
JASPERSPRITE: Which is too bad because im pretty hungry. 

Cetus ate all the creatures in the ocean of the Land of Light and Rain… so her land lacks Life!  Thus, Jane Crocker holds the key to healing LoLaR, and Rose Lalonde holds the key to healing LoCaH!

So, what does all this mean?  Will Roxy rob LoWaS of its dark clouds and darker oil?  Will John blow all the poisonous gas off LoTaK?  Will Dave throw a nice rave in LoPaN’s colorful atmosphere?

Actually, I have no fucking clue what it means.

(but I ship it)

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