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BladekindEyewear’s Regularly-Updated Theorylist

This is a regularly updated list of links to all my major, running Homestuck theories, free for you to peruse! I’ve included brief descriptions of each. It also lists the tags you can use to browse my minor theories and discussion.

You can find this post linked on my blog’s sidebar at all times, under “Click here for my Theories!”, so there’s no need to reblog it. Feel free to reblog the individual theories, though! In fact, please do. :)

First, keep in mind that these theories are always up for challenges and alternatives! As certain as I may sound, they’re all still theories, and finding alternative ways to explain the same things allows our theoretical model of “how all this crap works” to be refined, changed, and expanded. Feel free to drop ideas in my ask box or contact me over Skype (see my sidebar for contact info)! I may be inundated with asks, and if I get to yours I might refute it, but I read them all, and even if I tell you your idea doesn’t make sense, I’ll still be remembering it and keeping it in mind as new evidence is discovered and the story progresses, in case its possibility notches upward. Click for more on the way I develop and revise these theories:

methodology link

(By the way, here is a tentative CERTAINTY LIST of my opinions on the probability of key events in my major theories as of Feb 10, 2013, including many of the theories listed below. Click it for commitments on things I’m absolutely positive on so you can make fun of me when they fall through!)

Here are my major theories, organized by subject. Bolded ones are more important, less outdated:

The Answer to the Ultimate Riddle

This is probably the most important theory for you to read, but it’s VERY LONG. It describes how temporal mechanics work in Homestuck, the importance of Heroes and their roles, and the answer to the Ultimate Riddle altogether: Why existence persists and unfolds the way it does despite static timelines, and how individuals impact reality. And you should also read…

Homestuck and the Calling of a Hero - This is an important follow-up post, explaining why a hero’s role is what it is and the challenge of living up to it, the purpose and difficulty of choosing to fight for tomorrow in the game that Homestuck presents.

The Ultimate Riddle post contains plenty of embedded hyperlinks to the below theories, as well.

— Tools and Non-Theories —

I’ll start off with a few odds-and-ends I’ve worked on. This post has become a sort of main directory to my blog, so figured I’d stuff a few of these in up front. If you’re strictly here for theories, skip down to the “Classes” section and keep reading.

  • Glitch Deobfuscation - (Chronological order.) Remember those glitched-over pesterlogs here and there, in Act 6 Act 6? We decoded them! All of them, at least up to the Gigapause point at the end of A6A6I2. The link goes to the deobfuscation tag containing all of our successes and attempts.
  • Minecraft Sun/Moon Resource Packs - I made a simple pair of packs for Minecraft 1.7.6+ that replace the sun with Skaia, and the moon phases with either the eight kids’ Planets (amazing-looking), or alternating Prospit and Derse if you want something simpler. They’re high-quality images, meant to fit easily on top of whatever other texture packs you use regardless of their resolution. Made them for myself ages ago, forgot to share them ‘till recently. Check ‘em out!
  • SBaHJ Origin Archive - An image-fixed archived version of the Penny Arcade thread where Andrew Hussie (forum user S_O) first invented Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. If you don’t understand why SBaHJ is the way it is or what it truly means, read this!
  • All Video Liveblog Posts - My recorded video reactions to things in general. Specific series below…
  • Namco High Liveblog - (Chronological order.) I play through the character arcs of the Shiftylook webgame that Andrew Hussie creative-directed, which included some Homestuck characters. The earlier entries were text, but you’ll still find them under this specific Namco High tag. I’m not too entertaining in these in my opinion, so I’d only recommend them if you really want to sit through and see what Namco High was like. (Finished)
  • BladekindEyewear Gets Angry At His Inbox - I go through a tiring few pages of asks in video form for your amusement. Tag contains some misc non-video posts too.
  • Project: Ballad Liveblog - (Chronological order.) I read another Homestuck-unrelated webcomic called Project: Ballad. (Unfinished, Ongoing)

— Classes —

  • Class Role Table - Quickly describes my final guess at the layout and purpose of all the classes, this iteration of which has held steady for over four months. Charts all classes. (Last edit 1/21/2013: added a link to a forum post explaining my total reasoning for initially deciding on this class chart, a recommended read!)
  • A Kid in King Arthur’s Court - Describes the true import of the Knight and Page classes and how they fit into their key ‘verbs’, and provides nice metaphorical descriptions of all classes and what they do, one by one. A nice, quick read if you’re wondering how any given class would function in practice.
  • GUEST POST: InfinityWhale’s Ultimate Classpect Post - Puts a couple detailed paragraphs to every single class and aspect! It should be 90-95% close to the way I’d put things, so if you’re confused on a class, I recommend taking a look.

— Aspects —

  • Aspect Duality Theory - Describes all aspects and their dichotomies with each other, each pair like two sides of a coin. Charts all aspects.
  • Aspect Wheel revision 2 - Provides a visual representation of aspect dichotomies in a theoretical neighbored wheel layout, and discusses.
  • A quick chart on Light and Void - Lays out some examples of all of Light and Void’s facets, but is by no means comprehensive; will (much) later be superceded by a full post like the Breath and Blood one above, as I’m planning for all aspects. EDIT: Added in some notes about ‘Circumstantial Importance’, the heart of Fortune in Light’s power.
  • GUEST POST: InfinityWhale’s Ultimate Classpect Post - Puts a couple detailed paragraphs to every single class and aspect! It should be 90-95% close to the way I’d put things; I’m revising the Aspect Duality post above to be a better description of the aspects, but if there’s a pair I haven’t revised yet, I recommend taking a look at this link.

The official Aspect posts: For each aspect dichotomy, these posts go into the evidence and potential for both aspects, and the actual or theoretical heroes thereof. All of these will be LONG.

  • Breath, Blood, and the Flow of Reality - LONG POST - Breath is the aspect of freedom, quest, direction, delivery, frivolity and detachment. Blood is the other side of its coin, its complement, governing bonds, promises, responsibility, combined will and worldly ties. As the dichotomy concerning the way paths unite or twist away through reality, both of these aspects are incredibly powerful, and important for ultimate victory over Lord English.
  • <Posts devoted to other aspect pairs are TBD.>

— Role Inversion —

  • Rose the Witch - Describes how the system of role inversion applies to classes as well as aspects, with the prime example of Rose Lalonde. Charts all classes and aspects. Contains charts usable to determine the inversion of any role.
  • Jade the Seer - Sequel to the above post, it describes how Rose’s class inversion reveals that Jade had likely been the victim of a similar inversion, far earlier in the story, until she lost her dreamself.
  • Jane Crocker is Very Dangerous - Longish Post - (Also note these earlier links on the nature and the evidence of her inversion) - Jane Crocker is almost certainly our next example of strong, complete class inversion, potentially turning into a malicious, Damara-like player who seriously threatens our heroes.
  • Thoughts re. Tavros’s inversion - In recent intermission updates, Tavros and John have shown some clear signs of ghosting the inverse of their roles out of trapped frustration. Karkat seems to have shown a few similar hints, but not as clearly.
  • Tavros Nitram in Scarlet - Role inversion theory suggests that Tavros is slowly inverting to a Thief of Blood… and as the dichotomic opposite of a Page of Breath (Peter Pan), he may embody Captain Hook and become a dangerous villain, the “tyrant less an arm and an eye”: committing mutiny against Vriska and wearing her captain’s coat, commandeering GCat, Condesce’s ship, kidnapping Jade, and maybe even destroying the Ghost Army, as per a sequel novel in Peter Pan’s adventures called “Peter Pan in Scarlet”, where Peter dons Captain Hook’s coat and slowly transforms to be more and more like him!
  • Notes on Witch/Seer overembracing/underembracing - A description of part of how inversion relates to changes in personality, and how one can achieve harm by overembracing their proper role even without inversion.
  • GUEST REBLOG: Classpect Dualism theory - In this post, theorykind-abstratus presents the very important idea that you can healthily use your inverted title as a ‘subrole’ or “shadow” of your own, in situations where it helps you accomplish your main hero title. For example, John using his cutting understanding of his friends and others - Mage of Blood - to invite changes in their direction as an Heir of Breath. The shadow is subservient to the main role.

— Romspec and the Fates of Characters —

  • Homestuck and the Calling of a Hero - Already listed above, this goes into a bit more detail on how the Ultimate Riddle applies to one’s personal journey, and the difficulty thereof: why there are so many null sessions.
  • Romspec & Death Bulletin - 2012.11.26 - The most recent (now semi-outdated) update on the romantic evidence we have and how I believe the characters’ relationships seem to be unfolding. Oh, and who’s going to die.
  • ENDGAME - Knight to D6 - Explains a promising potential near-endgame scenario where Dave Strider sacrifices himself to thwart Caliborn within his own session. Includes explanations of the weighty foreshadowing for Dave’s death, the third Scratch, and the birth of Paradox Space. (Last edit 2/9/2013: Gamzee has three scratches on his face!)
  • Crocker and English - As the final battle approaches, the pair of foes standing between our heroes and victory is building up to be Crocker and English… but not Betty Crocker and Lord English. Rather, the final enemies are quite possibly Jane Crocker and Jake English, the former corrupted, inverted, and cursed, while the latter has his body possessed and stolen by Lord English himself. (Last edit 3/2/2013: Added recent evidence, a link to the Sleepy Hollow post, a quote from Homestuck: Book 2, and a fun little DBZ tie.)
  • CHERUB BACKSTORY THEORYGUIDE - This is a MASSIVE post (warning: long enough to crash Tumblr’s mobile app) where I go step by step through every page of Aranea’s story about cherubs, highlighting parallels, giving refreshers on theories and presenting new ones, or different flavors on old ones. Includes addendums and extra points on many of these big theories, like Knight to D6; it’s something for you to read once you’re finished reading most of my other main theories.
  • Horcruxes and Jack English - Some thoughts on the large update where Jack Noir has become possessed by Lord English via Lil’ Cal, but more importantly, an investigation into the nature of the other likely unassuming vessels of his soul… Cal almost certainly isn’t the only one! BONUS: Andrew Hussie may have included a reference to me in said update but probably didn’t. (Last edit 2/21/2013: Added information on the Diadem, and quotes about Dirk that elucidate the nature of LE’s immortality, as well as a link to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow post.)
  • The One Ring - As an extension of the above Horcrux theory (read that first), it’s fairly clear that the Ring of Life and Ring of Void are actually just ONE RING. As such, the ring’s power might be explained by Lord English’s curse, making it a trap for whoever they attempt to bring back to life with it… such as, perhaps, Calliope??
  • Cheat Mode Enabled - Some thoughts on the frightening, ominous state of Trickster!Jane and Trickster Mode in general, the capabilities of the ultimate juju as the “ultimate cheat code”, and how Vriska is on a crash course to obtaining it, coming back to life, and causing unfathomable destruction. (Last edit 2/17/2013: Added a quick link about the use of the word ‘boon’ as tied to a mention of the “boon of resurrection”, possibly connecting it with AURYN. For more up to date info, see “Yaldabaoth’s Boon is AURYN below!!)
  • The Green Sun’s Destruction - A revived Vriska, with her hands on the ultimate juju to supercharge her role, is likely to steal the light of the Green Sun… causing it to collapse into a Black Hole and blow a breach in Paradox Space, just as Doc Scratch and Lord English planned all along when they arranged her death! (Last edit 2/11/2013: Added the WV-punched-by-Bec-Noir tie, and more evidence that makes it almost certain that John will be the one to rescue her from the singularity!)
  • Yaldabaoth’s Boon is AURYN - Evidence exists that the “8oon” Yaldabaoth offered to Caliborn - one entailing unlimited power and unconditional resurrection - may in fact be the AURYN-like artifact inside the cherubs’ lollipops given to the alpha kids earlier! (Last edit 5/2/2013: Added end notes/link about the plothole cursor juju.)
  • Doc Scratch = Lil Hal - There is extensive evidence that the intelligence inhabiting the “magic cueballs” spread throughout Paradox Space, the ‘seeds’ for Doc Scratch’s numerous instances as First Guardians, is Lil’ Hal, originated in Dirk’s auto-responder. (Last edit 3/12/2013: Added how Arquiusprite’s prototyping is tying into this, and in fact bringing his transformation into Doc Scratch closer to fulfillment!)
  • Is the Auto Responder killing Dirk/Jake? - Explains how Lil Hal may be committing malevolent deception of Jake, Dirk, and the others alike in an attempt to shield Jake and Dirk’s relationship from challenges, inadvertently helping to drive them apart. Also touches on other malevolent acts possible from the Auto Responder, and notes to be wary of its lies.
  • Lord English and the Treasure Map - Doc Scratch arranged to have Vriska killed for a reason. Just like she did in the doomed timeline with Jack Noir, Vriska is leading Lord English exactly where he wants to go. But where is that?
  • Jake English’s path through death and life - How Jake English may temporarily fulfill his Weekend at Bernie’s allusions, and how he might return from it all unscathed. Relatively.
  • Dad Anderson - Dad Egbert/Crocker might be Harry Anderson’s son. Yes, really.
  • Wizard of Ozstuck - Andrew has made a plethora of references to the Wizard of Oz surrounding the likes of Jade Harley, but more importantly, has reshaped those references to apply to each of the alpha kids… which has readable implications for their character arcs. (Last edit 3/5/2013: Michael of Project Ballad has a post specifically on these Wizard of Oz parallels that adds to this, goes deeper into the character analysis implications (for Jade especially), and is generally completely amazing! Go read it!!! :D )
  • Jake English and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow - There have been a heaping ton of references to Sleepy Hollow - the tale of the Headless Horseman - tied to Jake English, implying that he’ll soon find himself decapitated, his corpse puppeted around Weekend at Bernie’s style, and his body possessed by Lord English. And when I say a heaping ton, I mean it! (Last edit 3/3/2013: Added a parallel from Tavros’s latest appearance.)
  • All the Trolls Go God-Tier: The Mituna Method - We can’t be sure that Andrew wants all the trolls to reach late-game godhood, but if he does, there’s an easy and vaguely foreshadowed way to do it. Mituna may simply have sacrificed his mind to launch the alpha trolls’ Prospit’s moon out into the void, to meet up with our heroes with all its Quest Crypts intact! (Last edit 2/8/2013: Added some extra quotes.)
  • Notable Homestuck Book 1-3 Author Annotations - I spent a bunch of hours transcribing any of the page-bottom annotations by Andrew that I found relevant to theory-stuff or characterization, in these books. (Mostly my theories, of course.) Not a substitute for owning the books yourself, but you get to see the few quotes that support or contradict what I allege theoryways. And hopefully an interesting read nonetheless!
  • Final Reckoning Mockup - A quick photoshop I did of one option for what I think the Final Reckoning and the Breach might look like. It’ll probably look nothing like this, but at least you get a feel. (Side-note: Oddly resembles a recent image of Jane.)


This section is where I’ll move major bits of speculation that I’ve conspicuously gotten right, though I’m only starting this list as of January 8, 2013. There’ll be an equal slot given to the ones I’ve gotten wrong, as they start piling up. If they’re sort of half-and-half, I’ll put them in the middle.

  • The Cherubs’ Jujus - The all-powerful jujus owned by Calliope and Caliborn seem to have been two halves of the Auryn amulet, from the Neverending Story. Posted (6 days) before canon confirmation.


Since January 8, 2013, major theories which had both significant truth and significant falsehood to them, major caveats:


Since January 8, 2013, major (and major only) theories wrong or conspicuously misguided:

  • Quadrant Sprite Theory - (80% WRONG — note, this theory is three months older than Jan 8th, but is being grandfathered in so I have something on this list) - It wasn’t originally my idea, but I mildly endorsed and elaborated upon it. The idea was that first of all, given Tavrisprite, Gamzee would make similar combinations of trolls for the other sprites; I guessed male/female combinations exclusively, but the opposite was true, possibly engendering more stability in the resulting sprites. But the big idea and reasoning behind the theory was that Andrew spent an abnormal amount of time talking about how Tavrisprite “H8TES EVERYTHING!!!”, so therefore, perhaps represented the <3< quadrant associated with John’s shirt, as Tavrisprite was John-colored. From there, the other sprites would represent <>, <3, and c3-, as the theory went. This was wrong. I also added in that Roxy’s bottle of alpha!Rose goo might be used in prototyping alongside Eridan, but this was also wrong; the goo hasn’t been cashed in yet. I think this was a case of misattributed foreshadowing, us seeing intentional patterns Andrew wove but connecting them to the wrong places: According to my other theories made since this was disproven, the HATING EVERYTHING was likely foreshadowing for Vriska’s blow against all creation (with Tavros’s potential help), and the alpha!Rose goo may or may not be involved in the creation of the magic cueballs. Posted (about 3 months) before canon debunking.

— TAGS —

  • HUMANS - Posts regarding kids will be tagged with their full names, eg. “John Egbert”. Posts regarding adult guardians will be tagged with their moniker and surname, eg. “Mom Lalonde”, but I sometimes forget to tag them.
  • TROLLS - Posts regarding young trolls will be tagged with their first name only, eg. “Karkat”. Posts regarding adult trolls will be tagged with their 8-letter moniker, eg. “Condesce”.
  • OTHER INDIVIDUALS - “Lord English”, “Doc Scratch”, “Lil Cal”, “Caliborn”, and “Calliope” are all standard tags, as well as “Auto Responder” and “Lil Hal” as the names evolved. Others may vary, and you’ll have to guess. I recall… “Denizens” is one, and I’ve used the names of specific denizens.
  • TYPES OF THEORIES - “Classes and Aspects” gets you any theory discussion related to roles. “Aspect Duality” gets you theory discussion where role inversion is a consideration. I recently started tags on individual aspect pairs, too, such as “Heart and Mind” or “Breath and Blood”. (You can find the others tagged in the Aspect Duality post.) ”The Ultimate Riddle” and “Ultimate Riddle” get you posts specifically addressing will’s influence over the progression of reality, or the Riddle itself. Also, I’m pretty sure all the theory-discussion posts I’ve ever tagged are marked “Romspec”, because really, everything is Romspec. Everything. (Why yes, that does make the tag useless, why do you ask?) You may also want to take a look at my tags for “SHOES” and “HATS”, both sadly VERY theory related.
  • MISC - “Theory Fanart” is the tag I use for fanart others have made that was inspired by theories I helped shape. :D (And I’ve also used Theory Music once.)
  • OTHER MEDIA - When I assign Homestuck titles, classes and aspects, to other shows and fictional works, I’ll try to use the "Non Homestuck Titles" tag!
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