*dons reading daggers*
Seeing as this’ll be beaten several times over into Jane’s heart…

Such as witnessing a revived Vriska making out with Jake…

And seeing Roxy have a go at Jake, interpreting that as betrayal, perhaps making her question Roxy’s role in her swift romantic demise as even intentional…

It makes sense that we may see Jane’s Maid of Life role inverted.

And an inverted Maid of Life could be instrumental in the creation of the skull-headed emblem of death that is Lord English.  Not to mention the deadly Prince of Heart, whose cybernetic avatar alone has already done a number on his friend’s souls.

Three hard blows to the heart, by a Rogue, a Thief, and a Heart Destroyer…  Let’s see how quickly she turns to darkness, shall we?

A few more notes:

TT: Only she could manage to blow up your computer with a nasty deathloop virus and somehow make YOU be the one to feel shitty about it. 

Would it be out of the question to see this prophetic statement inverted, turned on its head like so many statements in Act 5.1 were when Horrorstuck rolled around?


CA: im not goin to vvery wwell kill you am i that wwould be fuckin unconscionable 
CA: wwhat kind of friend wwould i be 

TC: iF i CoUlD mAkE yOu SmIlE iT’d Be ThE bEsT fUcKiN mIrAcLe I eVeR dId PaRt Of. 

And then, we have AR’s plans to add into the equation.  He’s merciless, literally heartless compared to Dirk, confused by a mix of an urge for romance and an acute awareness of the fact that his leftover human urges are obsolete.

So he has plans that further Dirk’s relationship chances… but what about himself?  If he’s done the math, he knows he’s out of the picture romantically.

Unless there were a kid in the equation who had been bifurcated, duplicated, or otherwise roboticized.  Another Jake, for instance.

This part, I admit, is out there.  Feel free to ignore it.  But in truth, we don’t know quite how easy or fast it is for a robotic mind to be cloned from someone.  Between now and what he can do when he’s been inevitably cracked and prototyped - not that AR knows or plans for that to happen, necessarily - there may be an opportunity for the Prince of Heart’s heartless avatar to split a clone of Jake’s soul into a suitable robotic copy.

All he needs is a vessel, in which to place him.

And what better than a beloved, nearby puppet who happens to bear a resemblance to another bearing the name ‘English’?

I doubt any copy of Jake would take it well.  Destroyer of Souls indeed.

Finally, there’s Vriska.  She’ll be coming back into the picture.  Doc Scratch planned it, in fact, since he arranged with Gamzee to force her outcome in the duel to death, rather than some milder method of convincing.  Regardless, Doc would have her cast into the blind part of the session for a reason, like a hornets’ nest thrown into an unguarded nursery:

Though the magnitude of the ensuing destruction resulting directly from your actions will be neither possible or necessary for you to fathom, there nevertheless ought to be a silver lining. 

So why shouldn’t Lord English himself be a direct result of her choices?  She failed to quite be responsible for creating Jack, so she might as well have made an even more substantial villain out of an ally, intentionally or no.

So, between all of that above, even if my overall hunch is leading nowhere… I’m pretty sure we’re headed towards complete overall disaster.  Maybe things get really fucked up around Act 6 Act 5, to mirror the original run.

I’ll find it fun to watch.  >;]

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