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" Davesprite dad" point is possible foreshadowed when he make John a fake note of his /Dad/?

After thinking about this ask for a while, yeah, I’ve decided what you’re pointing out could have been an additional hint. Added it to the Cherub Post just now in a tiny note, crediting anon.

As an additional point hinting as Terezi <3< Vriska, not that you need it, Mindfang speaks of Redglare in her journal as a potential kismesis, a proposition that Redglare likewise refused to accept, and likewise came to ruin because of it.

Oh right, Mindfang’s whole “we could have been great kismeses” spiel about Redglare. I forgot about that because of how frigging heavyhanded and obvious it was. How do you miss the message that’s trying to send?

I mean… geez. I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of someone who genuinely didn’t notice anything black between Terezi and Vriska, trying to think of what was going through their mind as they plodded through the comic, and am failing. The viewpoint is utterly foreign to me, and I can’t understand how anyone misses it. Besides, like, people who admit they’re completely shipping-blind. It’s bamboozling the fuck out of me.

Things you might have missed this past week…


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Good evening, byb. I have a theory I would like your opinion of. I did Google search your blog, but if you feel you have already covered ideas similar to mine elsewhere, please forgive my wasting your time. It is my belief that Tavrisprite represents an unauspisticed ashen relationship. As well, Arquiusprite represents a matespritship, Erisolsprite a kissmissitude, and Fefetasprite a moirallegiance. Fef and Nep were both known for their performance as moirails, after all. What do you think?

You have the quadrants almost all wrong… they’re in a different order.

John’s color is associated with the quadrant shirt he was wearing, a spade, which is the reason we first recognized the potential quadrant-sprites relationship hints in Tavrisprite…

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Okay I love your theories and am a big fan but it completely perplexes me how you think Terezi <3< Vriska is viable. Their relationship is so, so different from anything that a kismesis has been shown to be; granted we've mostly only seen what a possibly unhealthy one was, but I really don't get the feel that Terezi <3< Vriska has been hinted before; has any chance of happening.

…wait, really?! It feels like you must have been reading a different comic!  D:

Terezi and Vriska have practically been our prototype for what a kismesis looks like, even when it wasn’t working properly! Two rivals, getting under each others’ skin, who seek to improve themselves to one-up the other. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship founded on grudging respect, the parties constantly seeking recognition of the other. Kismesissitude was described as “an especially potent arch-rivalry”, and I dare you not to apply that label to Vriska on Terezi’s behalf. Hell, the word “rival” has been used more often between Terezi and Vriska than between any other two characters.

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"death due to red string" ummmmmmm you do know how many awful messages that sort of thing sends don't you

No it god damned doesn’t.

When I say two characters will either both live or both die due to red string, what I mean is that these two characters are so close to each other that it’s difficult to imagine one going on without the other, even if they don’t form a romantic relationship. Therefore, it’s prudent from a meta perspective to expect that if one is going to be set up to die, the other is going to be set up to die somehow as well, regardless of the deaths’ respective causes.

PERFECT EXAMPLE: Karkat and Terezi. Imagine one of those two dying and the other being able to move on within the scope of the comic. You can’t. Even when they’re as romantically “apart” as they’re going to be, it doesn’t matter; one would absolutely not be able to accept the death of the other.

If you think that noticing that on a meta level sends “awful messages”, I can’t understand how your mind works. To me the concept is nothing but fucking beautiful.

…except in the case of Dirk/Gamzee. I mentioned it there offhandedly; I guess I meant that having an active relationship gives someone a little bit more plot armor (which is something you MUST admit is true in fiction without having to construe it as some sort of broader moral statement against being single), that having one’s only clear romance die robs you of a fair bit of plot armor too, and that Dirk has really few potential options for a healthy relationship besides him, even though I don’t think he’s going to die in general.

EDIT: The above concept — characters in relationships having more survivability, characters who’ve lost their loves to the embrace of death having less survivability — shouldn’t surprise you, especially in a comic with aspects like Blood and Breath. Blood keeps you tied down, often safe, whereas Breath manifests in its absence to propel you on journeys, sometimes dangerous ones. I mean, think across the scope of fiction! A hero’s journey, Breath, starts with a call to action, which might involve Blood being destroyed or taken from them (wrecked hometown, kidnapped loved one, etc). A character who’s lost someone they loved, who isn’t yet snared by the hope of being close to another, is usually more likely to go away or take harsher risks. It doesn’t have to be a controversial concept.

Step aside from your usual hypothesizing and step into a new and hated realm. Step into the realm of shipping, or just character relations in general. Play a game of guessing what will happen with some character relations (Platonic or not.) be it growth or loss.

Hahahahahahahahah. You must be new here.

"New and hated realm"? Did you even LOOK at my sidebar? Or pause to think for a second about what the word ‘Romspec’ there meant? How many words I’ve written on the subject, on this blog alone?

Seriously, it’s like you walked up to Zoe from Attack on Titan and said “hey, i know this isn’t usually your territory, but what can you tell me about titans—”

Anyway, I haven’t gone into the whole broad spectrum of likely final pairings for a while, but I don’t have the energy to dive too deeply into that at the moment, so I’ll give you the broad summary of my current positions on pairing developments in the comic to come, as quickly as I can type it…

Gamzee/Dirk is going to be a thing, and the only thing it wouldn’t survive is the potential for Gamzee’s heroic demise, though Gam is equally likely to live through the end of the comic. If he doesn’t, Dirk is in danger too due to the red string (well, a weaker version of red string) unless someone I don’t and can’t expect offers to pair with him. Vriska and Jake stand a chance of having a fling. I don’t know if Jane and Dave are going to have more than teasing together; maybe we’ll even get Jane/Karkat teasing. Jane and Jake probably have a chance together after they’re done being last bosses, unless they somehow manage not to survive either (and would both die, due to strong red string). Jade/Karkat and Jade/Dave both need some more teasing. Karkat/Terezi will probably be locked in eventually. Jade/Davesprite might be late endgame. Dave is going to die for good. Rose/Kanaya are solid, but might face a challenge where Kanaya has a choice between staying with Rose or ‘leaving’ / being separated from her physically for the sake of resurrecting her race. John/Roxy is very very strong, but Vriska/Tavros is theoretically weak, even after Tavros’s potential villain arc. (Tav’s villain arc would have some one-sided Tavros-Jade and some Dave/Jade teasing, perhaps even Karkat/Jade teasing, if it actually happens.) Also, John is likely to do a MAJOR heroic rescue of Vriska toward the end, though whether it ends up romantic or as a friend is in question. So, while John/Roxy and Tavros/Vriska seems a hair more likely, esp. with John/Roxy’s evidential and narrative weight, thinks might switch up unexpectedly to plausibly give us John/Vriska and Roxy/Tavros. The major unknown hiccup in John/Roxy is that we don’t know what the central conflict to be overcome between them will be, and thus have no idea if it’s survivable. Vriska <3< Terezi has always been destiny and is really good for Terezi, and Kanaya <> Vriska has a decent chance of a comeback as a healthy relationship, as I even bothered to recap in the Cherub Post; Karkat <> Gamzee and Gamzee <3< Kanaya would round out most of the remaining quadrants on living trolls. Oh, and there’s a good number of signs that Caliborn / Lord English was always Karkat’s destined kismesis. (Which I should go back and edit into the Cherub Post if it isn’t mentioned there already.)

Not one of those things is something I haven’t said before on my blog. “Not my usual hypothesizing” my ass!  :)

I think you ought to mention in the "end of infinity" section of the Cherub Post that ~ath is designed so that its logic is composed of infinite loops. You know, the programming language that implements the Lord English virus. The virus that executes when an infinite loop ends.

That’s a good point, I should! I’d completely forgotten that was a parallel. EDIT: It’s in.

Things you might have missed this past week…

Keeping this at the top of my blog for people who haven’t checked here for a while!

In regards to where a second genesis tadpole can come from, it's going to be a long shot but hear me out. We have Roxy already set up t resurrect the trolls so having her conjure another item isn't a far leap to make. But a species is not a whole freaking universe. My first thought on this is if she could get a piece of the boon to get a game-breaking supercharge. I don't know how she would come in contact with one again but it's a possible, all be it messy, solution.

Resurrect the trolls’ race, glyn means, by the way. Via matriorb. (Having her Rogue of Void powers translate into resurrection would be dumb, as we’ve covered.)

A genesis tadpole is supposed to be the painstakingly-breeded fruit of an entire session’s worth of work. Even if Roxy can recreate a Matriorb, such a tadpole would be so unique and expensive that it would be simply too far out of balance for her to be able to pull one out of nothing. Now then, an immense later grist cost (for the Ultimate Alchemy), a battlefield, and an instance of Skaia are all needed to translate a genesis tadpole into a true universe, so I could be wrong, but to me it still feels too against the spirit of the game and overpowered for her to be able to manufacture one with her powers…


Which is where glyn’s mention of the Ultimate Juju comes in. See, if she were to use that role-supercharging AURYN-like thing on her own, an overpowered artifact utterly unique in Paradox Space, it might allow her to do just that.

Ideally, if this is possible or ends up happening, the tadpole she creates would be better suited for a fate of consumption. Tadpole creation — unless the Ultimate Alchemy takes care of it separately — is implied to involve some sort of customization, painstaking genetic alteration in favor of subtle factors that may determine the contents of the resulting universe. The tadpole which successfully graduates to universe will have been fine tuned by the protagonists, ideally, instead of having Roxy pull one from nothing that could have any number of random characteristics and quirks the players never had a chance to influence. So in terms of which tadpole fate would allow to be consumed, an extra one made by Roxy would have first destruction priority.