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On Calliope and Space Player transformations - she writes a lot of 'fanfiction'. She's both a storyteller and wants to be involved in things and do something for her friends. To that end, becoming a universe (or two) could work. What better story is there than the story of a whole universe? And creating/becoming a new one with the same people you've come to know and love (primarily through reading) in it, isn't that a bit like fanfiction? It's a big stretch, buuut...

Stretch? She literally has written fanfiction that happens to precisely (minus her self-insert) mirror events she couldn’t have known about through Rose’s diary alone, like when John got angry about Con Air and suddenly fell asleep. And then Caliborn tore pages out of that book, the book signifying Space (existence) and the tearing/maiming of it (Time) signifying an early end to existence, a metaphor which I specifically covered in the Cherub Post.

In other words, Sorry I Thought That Was Obvious

(EDIT: also you probably meant to say ‘reality’ instead of ‘universe’)

Heh, I just realised Ghost = Porrim, Frog = Calliope, Robot = Jade and Fairy = Kanaya

Heheh, yeah I suppose that fits a little bit if— HEY!

That last one is neither accurate nor nice.  :T

EDIT: Anon says:

Kanaya is a Sylph, and a sylph is a faerie

Oh, that’s fine then.

"The Space players we seriously got to know — wishing for ideal forms other than themselves, and then two of them serendipitously achieving those forms." Bad snipping, I'm sorry. As for the question were Calliope to follow this trend, what would she transform into? She's fated to become a universe, but that implies she's wanted to become one from the very beginning? Or something.

I suppose the idea is that her current transformation goals are actually too humble, and that as a Master-class player she’s destined for even more than that. Other than that, I can’t exactly say to what simultaneous extent her original troll-being dream might or might not be fulfilled.

(You can have transformation wishes to become personally responsible for universes, too. See Aranea’s misguided ambitions, and how similar to “being Skaia” they sound.)

The Cherub Post essentially contains all I can say for sure about it.

Kanaya can hardly be said to have transformed a lot. She turned into a vampire, yes, but it wasn't a bodily change and it was only one. That's on par with any character that went god tier (and even less than any Light player). I'm not saying transformation isn't good symbolism, I just think it's debatable :/

Oh, so you think Jade, Kanaya, and Calliope — ALL the Space players we seriously got to know — wishing for ideal forms other than themselves, and then two of them serendipitously achieving those forms, was total coincidence and not something intended by the author to represent metamorphosis? Just because it was a lesser change that was always in Kanaya’s blood?

If only we had an in-text example of the author going out of his way to define Kanaya’s change as “metamorphosis”, while simultaneously comparing it to the several transformations Aradia went through while inverted to a Bard of Space.

AA: you are undergoing a metamorphosis which you have been groomed for since you were very young
AA: much like i was for my various personal iterations including this one

GA: You Mean
GA: Being A Ghost And Then A Frog And Then A Robot And Then A Fairy

AA: yes!

Yeah, that’s goddamn right.

*drops mic again*

(I edited the above story-quote into the Cherub Post just now for good measure.)

I just added a few more things you’ve already heard before to the Cherub Post, here and there:

  • That frogs usually symbolize transformation, a process neither our Space players nor inverted Aradia are unfamiliar with.
  • That Lord English isn’t only destroying reality to goad alt!Calliope ala cherub mating, but also that destroying Reality is akin to destroying her if the Genesis Angels theory pans out. (Yes, this was a very obvious thing not to explicitly mention in the cherub post, so obvious that it’s probably why I forgot to do so, assuming I had done it already.)
  • A little bit more about Pickle Inspector’s creation/embodying of reality, something Andrew actually said on his formspring was an inspiration for Homestuck in the first place.
  • What Lord English’s “trademark glitch" is wrt scratches and meteor babies, which people constantly used to ask me about or misinterpret because even though I’d said the answer dozens of times, it was never in one of the big posts on my major theorylist. So, it’s there now. (How the trolls only had one round of ectobiology, and their wriggler-meteors were cloned backwards across the scratch.)

I wonder how many days/weeks will have to pass before I stop remembering shit that I have to edit in there, and can just leave it as the damned long post it is. I mean, come on, I finished it already! Shouldn’t it be over???

Ah well. Meanwhile I’ve been playing a lot of Tower of Guns, go check it out before the sale ends on Sept 1.

Ehm... As of that last ask, I'm not sure how you drew that conclusion, of Jake pairing with Vriska on the "rebound" from Aranea. Please elaborate? His two other potentials (Jane, Aranea) ended up rejecting him and subjecting him to, for the lack of a better word, tyranny; if I were Jake, I'd be wary of other mates that follow that trend, of which Vriska is one of the most intimidating. Also, her relationship with weak, crybaby Pages has not been so great thus far.

You’re forgetting Vriska’s current mood, one that leaves her neither self-aggrandizing nor inclined to bold action. If Jake came along right now, she wouldn’t start flirting; she’d say, “Hey.” And stay sitting down, likely willing to talk without a single agenda to push. (EDIT: Not that she’d stay that way; it’d just make for a fantastic first impression if Jake runs into her, after which he’d find it easier to catch into her usual groove.)

Current!Vriska next to Aranea looks the way that Aranea used to in comparison to Vriska, really!

(I’ll edit some of that into the previous post.)

I'm kind of surprised your "shipping math" apparently discounted Jake's boner-related history with one dead Spider Woman in favor of him macking on another dead Spider Woman, the one he HASN'T met. (Notice the heavily dramatized "enclosure talons" surrounding that phrase, which I am scornfully pantomiming with my own two hands.)

I discounted it because it wasn’t going to happen. Jake ending up with Aranea never made much sense as a final result for him despite the hints, nor were there enough eligible bachelors evening the shipping field that we could afford him dying and paired up with her in the void (instead of satisfying the romantic leanings of more likely partners, like Jane). And a temporary fling with Aranea? That never made sense either, for the same reasons that I argued Aranea wouldn’t come to life and join the protagonists; it’d serve as an irrelevant segue that wouldn’t provide much development to Jake, and Aranea’s development would have been comparatively irrelevant as well. If Jake were to end up spending serious time with anyone in the void, Vriska always made more sense for the sake of the broader plot than Aranea.

Aranea did come back to life, it turns out… as an antagonist, something none of us predicted (see above link). However, what happened between her and Jake? Aranea was not only rejected by Jake, but subsequently USED Jake against his will. And this adds up to… what?

It adds up to Jake being turned away from Aranea and her extreme actions, the perfect setup for Jake to eventually get to know and have a temporary fling with a comparatively repenting Vriska, just as I predicted all along. Oh look, all of either member of the potential relationship’s competing love interests have been conveniently turned away from either party: Tavros and John have run away from Vriska, Jane and Aranea have managed to ward off Jake (along with Dirk breaking up with him, a relationship which wasn’t going to work in the first place). The two of them are sitting ducks. If you were a rom-shark, you’d be smelling blood in the water.

(EDIT: If you think Vriska’s too forward and intimidating for this, you’re forgetting Vriska’s current mood, one that leaves her neither self-aggrandizing nor inclined to bold action. If Jake came along right now, she wouldn’t start flirting; she’d say, “Hey.” And stay sitting down, likely willing to talk without a single agenda to push.)

*drops mic*

This isn't an ask about Homestuck, but do you think, in some capacity, that you are starting to unintentionally invert? I mean, whether you mean for it to come across as such or not, you seem rather firm about your theories and flat out crush of any ideas and theories that don't seem to fit with what you see structurally. This kinda limits what can and can't develop as a theory, which is why I ask. I'm sure a possible grimdark Bladekind is good for no one. I'm sorry if I accidentally upset you.

No no, it doesn’t upset me. I’m not inverting or anything.

Yes, I’m quite firm about certain parts of the set of theories we’ve all built together, and yes, random theories that don’t fit our ‘model’ are often likely to be quashed by me unless they contain what I feel to be a statistically significant amount of evidence (or as much as you could call it such with subjective theorizing about a story). Yes, this very much limits what can and can’t develop as a theory.

However, I have ALWAYS operated in this manner, and I view the above as a STRENGTH of my methods, not a weakness!

Read this link and this link. (The first one, in fact, is what you get if you click on the “METHODOLOGY” picture in my sidebar’s theorylist link.)

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What do you think Lord English's reason for destroying reality is? What does he have to gain from "the end of forever?"

Well in my mind,

  1. He likes destroying stuff, the more the better.
  2. He gets to be the one to have orchestrated such widespread destruction.
  3. It’s the kind of thing Calliope would loathe, and/or would have loathed.
  4. He’s bent on Calliope’s destruction, and Calliope might very well be reality.
  5. The act of initiating the destruction of reality opens a Breach he can use to infect yet another instance of reality.
Have you come to any concrete conclusions on the super-heavyhanded blue ladies/spidergirl = Serkets foreshadowing with Jake? Because I feel like it definitely hasn't paid off yet, but I don't foresee any good way it could. P.S. I have tried searching your blog, but it was hard to think of good keywords.

I still think it’s very possible for Jake and Vriska to have a non-permanent fling at some point, especially if Jake ends up dead and in the Dream Bubbles for a time while his corpse gets moved around ala Weekend at Bernie’s, perhaps by one of the protagonists. (Before any Lord-English-possession, I mean.) Even now, Vriska is on mission hiatus and has just been rejected by John and Tavros both; there’s clear room for it even if you don’t want to see it.

JAKE: I do hope she hasnt tired too badly of listening to my problems. The last thing i want is to give the impression that everything revolves around my various romantic hurdles.
ERISOLSPRITE: revvolvve around? iit2 a biit late for that jake.
ERISOLSPRITE: your flu2hed quadrant ii2 a black hole and wwe are all beiing dragged 2creamiin through iit2 evvent horiizon.

Other people disagree, though, and don’t see the potential timeslot for it to fit. Honestly, I’m not sure where exactly it would fit into things on a broader scale. However, I don’t consider myself foolish enough to assume there’s no way Andrew could set up a situation to pull it off properly, especially when it’s not hard to set up, there’s a good bit of foreshadowing for it, and there’s no real countervailing evidence.

If you still feel so sure it doesn’t make sense to happen, let me give you an example of something I was wrong about in a similar sense: Aranea coming back to life.

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