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I don't see a lot of recognition to this fact so what do u think about Nanna knowing about Sburb pre-death? In her (second?) note to john in the older family pranking book heirloom she foretells her death and that he is the cause. Do you think she has memories from Alphaverse Jane with understanding of game mechanics or..? And should we assume the same of all the beta guardians? And where DID grampa Harley go to in comic and how did he get revived? I'm lost.

(Is this the same anon?)  :|

Past Nanna didn’t write the note in the jokebook. Nannasprite did, pretending to be Past Nanna. Nanna may not have known anything about her death or the session, beyond what she learned from the Batterwitch about it growing up.

Grandpa Harley likely entered the session through the portals underneath the frog temple elevator, messed around in there a while (possibly QUITE a while, long before the players entered), went back to Earth and back in time — likely through a Skaia meteor portal during the reckoning — to fill his house with trophies from the trip, continued to raise young Jade there, and then finally got shot to death. He was never revived at any point; it was just one continuous lifespan.

I don’t blame you too much for being confused by Grandpa’s timeline in particular. Even with clarifying quotes like "An old man has much to do before he returns to Earth, dies, gets stuffed by his adopted-yet-biological daughter-slash-grand-daughter, and stuck in front of a fireplace.", there’s a lot that’s just implied by distant facts throughout the comic.

Technically speaking — unlikely as it is or seems — it’s possible that Grandpa Harley hasn’t even “gone back” yet, somehow hiding himself and his ship (which can be captchalogued) on the golden ship (or using the unknown route the Condesce used to hop between sessions/universes) to do something decisive before he has to return to B1 Earth:

EB: [your grandpa] seems like he was an awesome guy, i would have liked to have the chance to talk to him.
GG: well
GG: maybe you will get that chance john

EB: oh?
GG: yes, as a matter of fact i am sure we will both get that chance!
GG: i once dreamt that we would

When Jade said this, it was before she entered… in other words, while she was still under the impression that her penpal was her “grandson”. She might have mixed up a cloud vision of her and John meeting Jake for a vision of them meeting an inexplicably young Grandpa, but even though it’s possible, this quote makes it seem unlikely. In fact, it almost seems to be stating definitively that John and Jade will run straight into Grandpa Harley… which they haven’t done yet.

I have serious doubts about Grandpa showing up in the alpha session; in fact, until I reviewed the evidence and that quote, I didn’t find it likely at all. It seems ridiculous, too. However, it’s still a possibility you need to look out for, just in case. For example, Grandpa has a stuffed Typheus Minion, and Typheus was never awoken in the alpha timeline as far as we know, is yet to be awakened in the alpha session. He still might have managed to bag one with the denizen asleep, but it’s at least a potential hint in favor of him sticking around longer than we thought.

In fact, you could probably imagine Grandpa Harley and Grandma English showing up at the exact same time — Jade English using the same crazy sort of temporal route Grandpa used — piloting ships which could unload their ordinance for a sudden strike against the Battleship Condescension.

I mean, if there’s one thing this comic doesn’t have enough of yet, it’s ship-to-ship battles.

I just realised that there's literally no known way for Alt!Calliope to have god-tiered, unless she played her session WITH alt!Caliborn. Because of the violent destruction of Skaia in their session, there's no corresponding quest-sarswapagus located there, and the destruction of Prospit alongside means there's no Prospitian crypt to allow her to off herself on. So, if that's the case, that means that either there's no possible way she could god tier, or there is a third mechanism for it!

Completely wrong. You’ve mixed up the timing.

All Skaia does is darken over before a Dead Session starts, leaving Prospit intact. It only hardens and explodes to initiate the game sequence one initiates when choosing the path of the conqueror from Yaldabaoth.

As you well know, she’ll choose the path of the martyr — not that of the conqueror — and die on the spot. She can easily have already reached god-tier by then; the nature of the decision would classify it as a heroic death.


So I made a thing inspired by bladekindeyewear’s inversion theories. If you haven’t read them or any of his other theories yet, definitely go check them out. So, basically, here are the kids in their inverted god tier roles.

Oh wow, these sprite-edits look fantastic. Dirk and Roxy look especially badass in particular, I’d run from the guy/gal in either of those outfits.
John looks like a total dork.


So I made a thing inspired by bladekindeyewear’s inversion theories. If you haven’t read them or any of his other theories yet, definitely go check them out. So, basically, here are the kids in their inverted god tier roles.

Oh wow, these sprite-edits look fantastic. Dirk and Roxy look especially badass in particular, I’d run from the guy/gal in either of those outfits.

John looks like a total dork.

Did you notice that there's a picture of Lil Cal marked #1 Dad in the latest Paradox Space page? Horse Play page 5

I don’t see much of a big deal. Lil Cal was one of Doc’s ectobiology components. Cal’s his “dad” regardless of whether or not he’s Lil Hal, a copy of Dirk (who was raised by Cal as well).

Essentially, it’s something the artist and writer — neither of whom were Andrew — would have put in there whether they’ve heard of the theory or not.

Looking at your classpect purpose chart, I think Attend is a better function than Create or Repair. Attend can mean "to take care of; minister to; devote one's services to; to wait upon; accompany as a companion or servant:" as well as "to take charge of; watch over; look after; tend; guard". It fits Aradia's role as a Maid (attendant) and as a guide to the dead and Kanaya's destiny to repair (attend to) Space. I don't really agree with the 'Create' part other than the pun (maid, made).

Come on, you don’t think a female Creation class pair exists as a flipside of the male Destruction class pair? You don’t think Kanaya’s constant crafting of dresses for others, or Nanna/Jane’s constant baking, have anything to do with creation? You don’t think Kanaya’s been putting Space between things and people?

Why do you think Aradia’s inverted state (Bard of Space) focused so much on destruction, something she explicitly didn’t learn to like until after she was dead? Why do you think her dead robotic duplicates in the Ministrife — who acted notably different from the alpha, god-tier her, Vriska commenting that they were always up for some mayhem — were chanting "destr0y", "destr0y"????

The twelve standard classes, in six class pairs, are supposed to together encompass EVERYTHING you could possibly do with an aspect. Everything. Creation/Additive/Repair HAS to go on the chart somewhere, and the opposite of Destruction/Diminish/Damage is the only logical place to put it.

Watching over, taking charge of, and controlling the extent and spread of an aspect actually falls more under a Witch’s ‘Control/Change’ role. Like how Feferi liked to capture, cage and care for wildlife that didn’t need caging, how Beforus’s implied Empress Feferi changed the meaning of ‘culling’ and flipped the meaning of ‘power’ on its head so those with advantages had to use them for the good of the disadvantaged, how Jade turned suddenly bossier the instant she woke up and started uninverting, how Grimbark Jade (overembracing her role) became EXTREMELY bossy and controlling, and how Grandma Jade had a way of keeping the flora in check, preventing its growth from overwhelming the surroundings.

That enough evidence for you?

*drops another mic*

Is the Huss of lips called that because Huss rhymes with buss, a synonym for kiss, or is there some other reason for it that I didn't catch?

It’s called that because (1) his last name is Hussie, and (2) classes and aspects are always one syllable each. (Yes, even Seer.)

Not that it matters, because it’s not a real title. It’s from an answer on Andrew’s old formspring:

Q: Hussie, you’re the Hero of Light aren’t you? It’s the only way all of this stuff could work out the way it does.

A:I am the Huss of Lips.

Hahaha, just kidding, that sounds like some stupid thing one of my readers would say.

(EDIT: Also, the ‘Lips’ part is because.)

I swear to god the Betty Crocker comments in imdoingthismspaintadventure's latest post are hilarious.

Oh my god that IS hilarious holy crap.

The only disappointment is that we’ll probably have to wait like, half a year minimum, until we can see the penny drop for him. But we gotta take these oblivious laughs where we can, I suppose! Dramatic irony is awesome.

EDIT: Oh, that’s interesting, that’s really interesting! Andrew changed the text “BETTY CROCKER” to link to the wikipedia page for the brand instead of linking to a google search for it, likely to avoid any potential accidental spoilers. (If I’m remembering right; I swear it was just linked to a google search before.)




can you imagine how many things mom lalonde would confess that rose would just brush off as a joke thoimage






cause really

oh my god perfect

oh my god

“For a long time I had thought my role was clear. I was the blind seeress—I even made a joke of it in the indicators [the phrase ‘Code Delphi’] I used to mark my journal entries for later salvage. But with !Xabbu helping me I had accomplished more than that, opening a gate where no others could have managed. In fact, the unusual senses this place gives me have allowed me many times to do what my friends could not.
“Apparently, I am a sorceress—a witch. A good witch. I hope.”

Martine Desroubins, from the Otherland series's “Sea of Silver Light” by Tad Williams. (A character I'd Homestuck-label as a Seer of Void who exhibits healthy Witch of Light duality.)

I shit you not, that’s an actual damned quote I found rereading this book series, which I first read before I’d ever heard of mspaintadventures. Sometimes it feels like Homestuck is retroactively bending reality.

So, you've stated (grudgingly) that the hats might be symbolism of the soul/heart aspect. What if, instead of just hats, that the entire head is the symbol? This would fit with our Prince of Hearts cutting off both HB's head and his own. AND it might give us some clue as to WHO is going to cut off Jake's head.



Actually, that’s probably wrong: There’s a fair amount of justification to argue that Heads — brain/thinkpan-cases, the word even repeated on Terezi’s wall and coin symbol — are meant to represent Mind!

Under that logic, Dirk’s head shenanigans could be loosely tied to healthy duality with his inverse role: technically, you could say that a Maid of Mind would give people head, heh heh.

(Double-checking, looks like I even linked it in the Aspect Duality post to boot, so it was there/findable if you needed to know.)

Uhm, if I remember correctly, isn’t the opposite of a Prince of Heart a Sylph of Mind? Not a Maid?

Dammit I failed my own inversion system fuck