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— “[S] Cascade.” to Attack on Titan music —

Remember when I said I’d imagine epic/action scenes — Homestuck or otherwise — to the music I listen to? Well, here’s one of ‘em I just chopped together for you: Jade’s part in [S] Cascade. (HOMESTUCK SPOILERS), set to the last half of the Attack on Titan OST's first track.

Hope you enjoy the mashup! Took me a couple hours to cut together and speed/slow the parts just right to fit. The best parts — like the moments right after she ascends — didn’t need any adjustments at all, naturally.

Do you have any theories on what determines whether someone becomes a Prospit dreamer or Derse dreamer?

Andrew covered it best here.

Other than that, the way I suggest looking at it is this:  Skaia and the Horrorterrors oversee each session as competing influences, and the players are always split between them as two roughly even ‘teams’ of Prospit and Derse dreamers, with Skaia more able to directly influence the former and the Horrorterrors more the latter. So — each side leveraging their relatively omniscient knowledge of each player’s character, potential, and possible futures — you can view it as if Skaia and the Horrorterrors are “picking” players one by one from a lineup, as if for a team sport. Each side probably picks the players that said side is (1) more eager to influence, and (2) more able to influence.

Skaia might nab a seemingly destructive player because it decides that it absolutely needs that player… or, more likely, because it decides that said player absolutely needs Skaia for a chance at personal growth.

What's your oppinion on the news on HS main page right now? I wonder if you already saw it, or just being bombarded by a bunch of fans asking you just this same question~

*sees a half dozen asks about a news update so it must be good, runs and checks—*

Aw friggin finally, we’re close to some actual content!  :D

TL;DR version:  Andrew has made some progress on Homestuck but frustratingly little on the whole — “3 months worth of work on HS” out of the last twelve — and since he’s fed up, he’ll start dripping pages(?) out on some sort of update schedule, as of some time in mid-late October. Woohoo!!!

I’m really not upset that “not much is done” — especially since I can laugh at the people who thought it was almost finished — when compared to the concept that we’ll be getting a slow-drip of updates instead of a batch-posted or act-by-act-posted grand finale. We couldn’t be absolutely sure before, since he never SAID it would be released in bite-sized pieces (though it made sense for him not to do it in one big batch because the server would absolutely crash forever, no matter what), nor could we be sure that said bite-sizes would be, well… anything close to the drip of ?? pages per day we received when he was actively updating. Now, we have confirmation that not only is this what he always privately meant, but also that he couldn’t possibly have enough done to release Homestuck any faster than his previous update schedule. We’ll get a handful of pages a day, if we’re lucky, and maybe even only a handful of pages on set days of the week.

You know what that means, right?

It means it’s almost TIME FOR SOME FUCKING THEORIES again!

Ever since the gigapause started, word was that the “ride” was presumably over. No more pointing out the implications, potential hidden meaning, or overturned ideas in each day-to-day page release. No more gasping that a theory might be right or wrong based on new evidence, and discussing it with everyone, arguing about it with people at length. No, there was no place for the day-to-day speculation anymore; all the theories were going to be either proven or disproven by an enormous “batch” update containing everything up through the end of Homestuck, and other than polishing off what theories I could already patch together from the backlog (I almost can’t believe I got the Cherub Post finally done for instance), there was no more “work” for me to occupy myself doing regularly regarding Homestuck. It’d been a roller coaster trip full of exciting ups and downs, and it was over.

Not anymore! We’re unpausing, and we’re going to get pages in an extremely similar drip to the old pace, though likely slower. Goodbye looming, boring superbatch series-ender that answers all our questions at once. Hello again, incremental, miniscule bites of hint-laden story which cause us to scratch our heads and tear at each others’ throats out of disagreement, floundering speculatively as each successive update disproves everyone’s previous expectations as humiliatingly as possible!  :D :D :D

I missed all this so, so badly. Thank Author-God it’s back.

Oh, also, the megalithic Homestuck fandom is going to churn awake and start manufacturing enough discussion, fanart and content with every update-day to compress into the occasional neutron star. That’s the big Gigapause absence active fans lamented the most — and I lamented it as well — but since you’re on my blog, I figured I’d start with my most selfish theoryreasons first.  :)

The fandom is going to start grinding ahead at its old speeds again soon enough, and — according to the surprisingly serial nature of this news, this ‘unpausing’ as opposed to a batch end — is likely going to be at it for at least another year of regular Homestuck updates. Compared to how it would have been, imagine how big this fucking fandom is going to get before this is all over.

I assume you've heard about Hussie's public post on Twitter, correct? People have been theorizing about the digits at the end of the link signifying a date for the end of the gigapause. Assuming you have seen the post, what do you make of it?

THIS one??! ¬_¬”

Oh sure, sure, it all makes sense. Why would Andrew make such an irrelevant twitter post with a horse gif out of nowhere? He must have embedded unfathomable meaning in the randomly generated letters in the imgur URL. Or, more likely, numbers, the only numbers he could control… the exact time he posted it.

Consider it canon: By posting that tweet 11:45 PM, he’s telling us that the end of Homestuck will debut on November 45th!!!1 Mark your calendars, everyone.

So after reading your Knight to d6 theory, I feel that I can see most of it happening, but there is one thing that gnaws on me: where are they getting a scratch construct from? Both the kids and trolls' constricts are already used and I don't see there being one on Caliborn's planet. Just because he's a time player doesnt guarantee that there is one on his planet.

That’s a big concern. In fact, I agree with you about Caliborn’s planet: As I mention in the megalithic Cherub Post, the wording Andrew’s self insert used to describe the “types of sessions” directly implies that a Dead Session would not have a “scratch construct” like the Beat Mesa or Cardinal Movement, since there’s supposedly no hope for reproduction to be had even through such extreme measures.

So, where would the protagonists get a spare scratch construct to scratch his session?

I have no idea.

That’s honest. A scratch construct is an incredibly powerful thing, an entity which by all rights shouldn’t be accessible to any session where it isn’t already available. The creation of one should be limited to freshly instantiated sessions; if players could generate a spare in sessions without one, well, it simply wouldn’t be fair. There are limits to individuals’ role powers, too, sensible limits which keep reality itself (or our ability to care about it) from breaking, like Jane’s “one resurrection per person” limit on her god-tier Life powers. Therefore, we can’t expect Roxy to be able to conjure one from thin air.

Heheheh… “out of thin air”, heheh. And how John inspired her to use her powers better, get it? I mean, uh… never mind, moving on.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t invalidate the “Third Scratch” theory! The foreshadowing is heavyhanded enough for us to expect that a Third Scratch will somehow occur successfully. It’s just a matter of ‘how’, and this facet of ‘how’ currently has no satisfying explanation we can decide on.

What explanations CAN we scrounge up? I’ll give you four possibilities, ones off the top of my head or that we’ve discussed earlier, others have suggested, none without their flaws…

Read More

I forgot to check if this story was going around tumblr when it happened, so I’m pointing it out a little late for the obvious comparison. Dad Egbert, what did KFC ever do to you??

The Seattle PD report that a dispatcher alerted officers that an “Unknown male was throwing cake at employees,” and more importantly, that the KFC “can no longer sell the cake.” […]

The incident happened over the weekend, when workers at the store say a man entered the restaurant and began tossing the cake around.

(Source: Consumerist)

So, I was thinking about John's Jetpack. I understand your point about how subtracting the objects symbolically relates to the inverse of his aspect, but in retrospect, it doesn't make sense in a non-symbolic context. That is, there's no actual reason for Terezi to bother subtracting the code of the objects from the other kids when she (along with half of the other trolls) already have some variety of jetpack. While minor, this does sort of seem like a flaw. Thoughts?

The “don’t worry about it” answer could be any number of things. Maybe Terezi didn’t want John stealing her rocket-wings style. Maybe she was tired of listening to Sollux griping and wanted to give him something to do. Maybe she thought John would look funny strapped to that giant rocket. It could even easily be that she simply saw him using the rocket later in the timeline (preordained by Skaia to fit the Breath/Blood metaphor), and thought she’d like to be the one responsible for him using it.

The “real” answer is that this comic was written in a certain order, and Andrew hadn’t come up with troll-owned jetpack variants yet.

Do you have any stance or opinion on whether the god-tier clock is a representation of the "judging" of a death or if it actually influences it? As in, one could take it and hold the hand in the center to force resurrection. (not that that would happen, of course)

My stance is that it doesn’t influence it.

Andrew took deliberate measures — with both of our Just deaths — to make it appear like there was interference with the clock, or with the process. Slick smashing Vriska’s clock, Aranea’s eye flashing as Jade’s clock slipped to Just with a “lucky 8r8k”. Why?

To enhance the ambiguity of the morality of those deaths, acknowledging how close the call might have been, giving a reason for this ‘injustice’ to those who believe the death unjust, not understanding the actual mechanics behind this canonically vague death system.

In reality, I argue, there were straightforward reasons why both of these deaths were Just. (Do a ctrl-F/cmd-F for ‘unique case’ in the Ultimate Riddle link for the Vriska explanation.) However, they require an understanding of the mechanics behind reality in order to correctly interpret them, an understanding of the importance of agency and will, how the essential crime that deserves any Just death is the act of trampling your will over the wills of others. These intrinsic properties of Homestuck’s metaverse, tied to the answer to the Ultimate Riddle itself — though they’re hinted throughout the comic — aren’t meant to be crystal clear yet. They’re meant to be up for interpretation, revealed gradually as the story unfolds and the characters finally begin to understand it all.

And as such, it’s to Andrew’s storytelling advantage to play up the ambiguity. Readers WILL understand why those deaths were Just, down the line, on those deaths’ own merits. Until they do, though, playing up the ambiguity to perpetuate the mystery never hurts.

(The only way anyone can ‘manipulate the clock’ to force a God-Tier’s permanent death, in a sense, would be death via Lord English’s Time-energy-based destructive powers. Time represents destruction, the inescapable cessation of existence of all things… as such, he’s rightly hinted in-comic to have the ability to bypass a God-Tier player’s immortality and directly inflict their demise.)

so what do you think would happen if jane revived dog tier jade and the jade left on her quest bed

It’d be an interesting question if “the jade left on her quest bed" was still around at all.

It’s been three years. I’m pretty sure they’ve found time to bury the body. Jade certainly wouldn’t want to preserve it and risk ANOTHER defunct duplicate of herself, even though reviving that former, now-soulless version of herself is probably impossible. Like, an “it’s inadvisable enough that the game tweaks coincidence and conspires to make sure you can’t make that mistake” kind of impossible.

What happens if a dead godteir is placed on their quest bed?

Almost certainly nothing.

The most likely reason Dead!Jade’s being taken to her quest bed again by Jack and PM would probably be that it’s what Bec would have done.