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How is it that John declaring himself "UNSTUCK IN CANON" is evidence in favor of your role supercharge theory, but John explicitly saying "it's not a god tier power." (p=008263) is disregarded as John not knowing what he's talking about?


Well, theoretically, it isn’t a power that would normally be in the reach of a Breath player. It’s far too powerful for that, and possibly only achievable via use of that almighty cursor juju.

A good comparison would be Vriska being able to steal the Green Sun’s light and power. Such a literal interpretation of the role of a Thief of Light wouldn’t normally be available to her; it COULDN’T have been, or we would have had a hundred other dead Thieves of Light from alien sessions all across creation trying the same stunt, not to mention other Vriskas. Therefore, the ability to steal significant amounts of power from a Sun, much less the Green variety, must be a special feature of her role not normally possible, granted to her via use of the Ultimate Juju.

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I can't think of anything specifically important coming from this, but isn't it possible that pulling the pin to make Alpha BQ still alive would make it so that Condy never came to usurp her? Which would change pretty much everything in that universe.

I don’t think the pin-pulled timeline would go so far as to preclude the Condesce’s involvement/usurpation entirely. More likely, in my mind, the BQ would still be deposed but would be organizing underground unrest against her or the like. Plus there’d have been more chaos in the originally dead months the alpha kids had to wait through.

(What possible situation could lead the Condesce to not have Derse’s throne, after all? There’s no chance she could be defeated early, even in a doomed timeline. Are you suggesting the Condesce just never showed up in the pin-pulled timeline, for some unknown reason?)

Quick Thought (Snowman/ABQ interchangeability)

Alright, something just occurred to me about Die’s doll and the Snowman pin in it, but I don’t know if it leads anywhere, so I’m guessing I’ll bleg you guys for ideas. (I recently learned ‘bleg’ is a word.)

Here’s the concept: The alpha session’s black queen was officially USURPED by the Condesce. That’s the official term by the way:

“What happened to the Alpha session’s Black Queen?” 


Common logic would dictate that there’s a good chance that she’s alive somewhere, to come back into the fold for later shenanigans in the complicated mess of minor plot threads we can’t quite figure out are set to happen next in this session.

But what if…

  1. She IS dead, and…
  2. Pulling out Snowman’s pin would jump to a doomed timeline where she’s still alive, as opposed to the troll session’s black queen.

Meaning we’d get a slightly altered version of the session’s progression for Roxy to explore, rather than something unpredictably weird like we’d get if Snowman were paradoxically not dead?

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Hmm. While the 82THE8TH is probably not as powerful/special as the cueball, it does appear to be very powerful (sufficiently to defeat bec noir given a large enough supply of luck and skill). I do not believe that the 82THE8TH's origins will be explained, and I think that it isn't unlikely for the cue ball's origins to be explained, but what justification do you think is best for not explaining the dice? Is it that they are explained enough, or because its not important enough for explaining?
Why would the origins of the cue ball need to be investigated but not other aspect symbols, such as the 8-ball?

Because pumpkins come from seeds, frogs come from other frogs, kisses come from mouths, rings come from jewelers and game-instantiation, and 8-balls come from the toy store.

And the cueball isn’t an ‘aspect symbol’ either, except partially representative of Hope due to its nature as a ‘seed’ and its globe-like nature, in the Freudian sense. (And partially of Light, emphasis on true answers as opposed to 8-balls’ guaranteed Voidy inaccuracy.)

The magic cueball is an extremely powerful artifact of unknown composition which serves Lord English, is distributed through countless universes through means unknown, and can be sourced as an ectobiological component of LE’s First Guardian servant. Do you REALLY think the idea that such an object needs some sort of origin is comparable to an 8-ball needing the same???!?

I had been expecting the possibility of including the arms, but I wasn't SURE, so I still find it somewhat exciting to have it _confirmed_ that John arms can/would show up. (Of course, seeing as they can be in Con Air, this should be possible, but I still think the confirmation is somewhat exciting, even though it might not be a strictly canonical confirmation). I thought it was neat.

Please imagine a scenario where Andrew would personally intervene against such a Paradox Space strip with a veto, saying “No, you cannot put random John arms in your comic”.

There is no such scenario. It never had a chance of happening.

PXS SPOILERS: John's arm appeared in today's comic. What does this change about all the "unstuck from canon" theories, now that we know he can also zap to the PXS website, not just MSPA?

Okay, seriously. Think this through.

If you were making a comic for Paradox Space, why wouldn’t you put an arm in it??

Sometimes y’all need to calm down and turn the dang chessboard around, look at this from the comic artist’s perspective. (Even when it’s a different comic artist making stuff separate from Homestuck canon proper.)

I've noticed, on page 5694 (can't figure out how to get a link in, tumblr keeps stopping me), that Doc Scratch says, "When the Hero of Breath dies for good, it won't be as a scoundrel." While it could be nothing, maybe John dies? Any thoughts?


I’m answering this one to let you all know that I now have to plaster the google-search-my-blog suggestion hard enough around my askbox that nobody deserves to miss it.

hey so, i was wondering how would a knight of life, uh, "weaponize" their own life ?

I don’t usually answer these questions, but this one takes five seconds:

Life is the energy and power to directly affect reality in all those words’ forms, such as wealth, status, strength, psychic powers, even lifespan; anything and everything of the sort.

It’s really not difficult to imagine weaponizing those things, is it?

This the anon from the two Lord's of Time ask. I just want to say that I found nothing offensive about your reply. I honestly did not mean to place that much emphasis on the "final boss" aspect of the ask; instead, I just realized that the possibility of a alternate Caliborn was a loose thread. I concur with you that it will likely be handled in a humorous manner.

Mm, I see  :)